Mission Statement

The mission of the New Hampshire Opticians Society is to promote the growth of New Hampshire opticians through leadership, legislation and education and to also ensure the safety of the patients we serve.

Most states either require opticians to be licensed or have no regulations at all.  NH is in a unique situation that requires certification but not licensing.  Certification can viewed as a step in the right direction if it were to require a basic level of competency, however our state only requires a registration fee of $110 to the state.  This constitutes more as a tax on our profession than providing the public some measure of confidence in the ability of the individual tasked with filling their doctors prescription.  The strength of our profession will be measured by the least of us and not the best.  This is the reason we should all do the most to elevate the basic level of knowledge for anyone who would call themselves an optician.  We as a Society challenge all of our dispensing opticians to pass the ABO, NCLE and both practical exams.  It may not be legislated that we need to do that to practice in our state, but we should have enough pride in what we do to have us all aspire to that level of competency.  Let us know how we as a Society can get our membership to reach these goals.  If we want to elevate our profession, we need to put in the effort to individually get better and improve as opticians.


“The Future Belongs To The Competent. Get Good, Get Better, Be The Best!” – Success Quote By Brian Tracy