Who We Are

We are a society of NH opticians looking to promote the profession of opticianry to the public.  Opticians are the bridge between ophthalmology,  optometry and the retail frame and lens industry.  It is our ability to understand the balance between eye health and visual performance vs the fashion and functionality of eyewear that sets us apart from other professions in our industry.  Our goal is to educate our members to have a better understanding of our role in creating successful encounters one patient at a time.  If we are able to do this we will be able carve out a valuable place in the industry.  Often the importance of opticianry is overlooked by patients and Doctors, now is the time to show what we are capable of.  We at the New Hampshire Opticians Society know that our profession will be judged by the least of us and not the best.  It is our passion to raise the level of knowledge and skill of anyone who would call themselves an optician in our state.


“The Future Belongs To The Competent. Get Good, Get Better, Be The Best!” – Success Quote By Brian Tracy