What is the big deal with getting my PD?

Your pupillary distance is vital to making eyewear correctly.   Are you wondering why your PD is not on the prescription the Doctor gave you?  Your Doctor is relying on the expertise of the optician to fill your prescription and take proper measurements to provide the best vision. A true professional will not rely on the measurements of others when creating something as custom as your eyewear.  When you ask for your PD, you see it as a simple measurement, but your optician views that as someone wanting their professional services for free.  We as opticians naturally want to help people achieve good vision; this is the reason many of us provide this measurement as a courtesy for our patients – but know that online services are using and taking advantage of free services provided by your optician to lower their own cost of operations.  Certain online retailers have realized proper measurements and adjustments are so important to patient satisfaction, they have started reimbursing up to $50 for your optician to provide this service for you.  Remember when you decide to get glasses online, it is like a do-it-yourself project.  DIY projects are great for saving money, but you rarely get the same results as when a professional has done it.  Remember you are asking for professional help when you ask for a PD and also frame adjustments so don’t be surprised if they charge a fee for their services.  If your optician is charging for these services, they most likely are more competent and know their knowledge and skill is valuable.