Why are glasses so expensive?

There are many choices when it comes to eyewear. Frames can cost as little as a few dollars to well over thousands of dollars.  Lenses have almost as many choices and can have almost as great of a price range as well.  Frame quality is defined by the materials of the frame and quality of the manufacturing process.  Patients can often tell by the look and feel of a frame how good the quality is,  but we rely on the knowledge of our optician to decide what lens designs and materials are best for our prescription.  Lenses are all made with different designs allowing for different fields of vision, differing amounts of distortion and scratch resistance.  Generally speaking,  newer lens technologies provide better visual performance. If you are looking for better lenses, ask your optician about digital surfacing and freeform lens designs. Eyewear is also one of the most custom items that you can purchase. We are all unique in our prescription, pupillary distance and fashion style and it requires the skill and knowledge of an experienced optician to put it all together for the best results.  In conclusion your eyewear is likely the most important item you utilize on a daily basis.  So the next time you get glasses, see if they cost more than your smartphone, shoe wardrobe or daily coffee expense. Many of us think these are all necessities in our lives, but think about which one you really need. Remember your eyewear not only allows you to see clearly, but will be part of how others see you.  The following breakdown of some common expenses can help put into perspective the cost of good vision.