Letter From Our President

My name is Julie Parsons and I am the newly elected president of the New Hampshire Opticians Society. I have huge shoes to fill and I hope I can do Lisa, the board and the society members proud.

We all get up and go to work every day. We see our patients, we work with the doctor’s, we do our lab work, we deal with insurance companies, we work really hard and some days we love our job and some days we don’t.

But for me and many of you it is more than a job it’s a career. It’s our profession.
It’s who we are, it’s what we do.
We help patients achieve their best vision.

A little story that I saw recently on Facebook. It was a rant by an optician that said and I quote:
“Why would you be an optician now a days when people are ordering their eyewear online.
Why would you pay for classes and fees when providers online don’t have to.
Why do we spend time and energy educating the patient on lenses, coatings frames Etc. to have them take this information and go online to order or order from the big box stores.
We only have a few faithful who appreciate it, but is it enough?”
And he goes on…

The answer is yes there are enough people out there that appreciate what we do.

It’s about service, it’s about trust, it’s about knowledge, it’s about education,
it’s about helping our patients achieve their best vision.

I want to comment on his reference to big box or chain store.
I have been an Optician for nearly 25yrs.
Several of those years in a retail chain environment.
There are many highly educated certified opticians working in these environments.

There are many avenues our patients take for many reasons to obtain their eyewear, none are wrong.
It’s about education. It’s about knowledge, learning more about what people need and want and how they use their eyes. These are the things they can’t get online.

They may order online and realize that they are horrible and then come to us to fix it.

It doesn’t help us to complain about why we have to fix it and how horrible these places are.
Some people may have a good experience and many of them won’t.

It’s about the experience we create with the patient that matters.

We know that it is truly about service to our patients and to provide people with their best possible vision.

We have heard for years many things that will work against us. PRK, Lasik, contacts, online, ect. But we are still here.

Which brings me to why we have a society

The goal of the New Hampshire Opticians Society is to promote the growth of New Hampshire opticians through leadership, legislation and education and to also ensure the safety of the patients that we serve. That is our mission statement.

So really who we are and what we do is we provide the opticians in the state of New Hampshire that are registered with the state or ABO/NCLE certified with the means of getting educated through our conferences and quarterly meetings.

We are a group of people that truly care about what we do.

Our objectives are to advance our field, to encourage professionalism.

In the state of New Hampshire there are 514 registered opticians. And there are 449 ABO/NCLE certified opticians.

I would challenge all of you to reach out to the opticians you know that are not registered or certified to do so.

We encourage all to become members of The New Hampshire Opticians Society.

Our society needs to continue to grow. The stronger the state society the stronger our profession will be.

As board members we work hard at finding speakers to provide quality continuing education credits.

We have meetings in Concord quarterly. These meetings give us an opportunity to network and talk to other professionals across the state. We have a great meal, the continuing education and a lot of laughs.

We work with a lobbyist to monitor the legislation to keep us informed on any upcoming bills that might affect us as dispensing opticians.

We put together this conference annually to provide you with a place to get the credits you need to stay certified and registered.

We are always looking for new ideas and people that are willing to assist put on these events.

As members of the society you also be members of the Opticians Association of America.
This is the national organization representing the professional, business, educational, legislative and regulatory interest of opticianry.

As an executive board we go to the leadership conference that the Opticians Association of America puts on yearly. During this conference the focus is on the development of leaders within each state society and association. At these meetings we discuss things like membership development, strategic planning, member communication and conference planning.

We share ideas across the states so that we can make our profession better.

We want to encourage you and any opticians you know to become members of the New Hampshire Opticians Society.

We will become stronger together!

Thank You
Julie Parsons