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Our meeting that was originally scheduled for Sept 20th has been moved.
Annual Meeting to be held Wednesday, October 11th
Elections for the Executive Board will be held during this meeting.
It is not too late if you wish to nominate yourself or another fabulous optician.
Don't forget membership renewal is due at this time.  Renewal notices have gone out via Square for your convenience.  
Dr Bryant from Focused Eye Care will be presenting our CE .
Cocktails begin at 6pm with dinner and credit at 7pm.
Dinner options will be Broiled Haddock, Roast chicken with gravy, or Roasted stuffed pork.
Cost for members is $45.00 and $70.00 for non-members.
Register online at
Or, if you prefer, respond to this email with your meal choice and pay by cash, check, or charge the night of the meeting.
We look forward to seeing you all!
Your NHOS Board

Hello Everyone,

Do you love what you do?  Do you consider yourself an “Optical Geek”?  Do you want to see opticianry grow in the State of New Hampshire?  Are you proud of the knowledge and skills you have, and want to share?  Do you want to be part of something?

Here is your opportunity to share your love and passion with the Opticians of New Hampshire!

If you are not a member yet, Why Not?  Join us and work with us to grow the profession.

Only certified and regular members can be nominated for a board position.

We are looking for nominations for the NHOS Executive Board and the Board of Directors

The Executive Board consists of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. There are 5 members on the Board of Directors.

The Executive board is elected for a term of one year.

The Board of Directors seat is a 2-year term.

We typically have quarterly board meetings, with virtual board meetings as needed.

On our board, no one position is an island.  We work together as a team and collaborate on events, education, and ideas that will help grow the profession of opticianry in the state of New Hampshire. The roles and responsibilities of each office are as follows:

President – Is the executive officer of the organization.  They will preside over all meetings and events.  They are responsible for coordinating all board meetings and collaborating with the executive board and Board of Directors to organize and present continuing education opportunities for the opticians of New Hampshire.

Vice-President – They will assume the duties and responsibilities of the president in their absence.  They will seek out educational speaker opportunities with the assistance of the entire board. They will manage the society website, updating as needed.

Treasurer – Responsible for all bookkeeping activities and keeping an accurate list of members and sponsors.  They will keep records of all financial activities and create a report at each meeting.

Secretary – Responsible for recording the minutes of all quarterly meetings and board meetings, and presenting a report at each meeting.  Communicating with the membership, creating flyers and emails.

Board of Director – Collaborate and coordinate communications, education opportunities, events.  Share your ideas and passions. Sit on committees.


Nominations are now open for all Executive Board positions, and three Board of Director positions.  Please email your nominations to nhopticians@gmail.com.

Do you know someone that would be perfect for the job? You may nominate yourself or others.  We will contact all nominees before adding their name to the ballot.  All positions are up for nominations.

Current Nominees are:

President – Julie Parsons (incumbent)

Vice President -

Treasurer - Beth Sargent (incumbent)

Secretary – Annika Cozad

Board of Directors - 5 seats

Sam Sarson – still 1yr on term

Annika Cozad – still 1yr on term


Jackie Garrow

Donald Taylor

Desiree Hamann


Please have all nominations in by Friday Sept 15, 2023.

Elections will be held Wednesday Sept, 20, 2023 at our Quarterly Meeting.


Thank you for your Nominations and continued Support of the NH Opticians Society

We look forward to working with You!






Thank You All for your

Generous Sponsorships

of the

2023 NHOS Educational Conference

Congratulations to the 2023 NHOS Executive Board

The NHOS Membership elected new members of the board for 2023 at the Annual Meeting September 21, 2022

President - Julie Parsons, ABOC

Vice President - Tina Fowler, ABOC/NCLE

Treasurer - Beth Sargent, ABOC-AC/NCLE

Secretary - Don Taylor, ABOC

Executive Board Members

Annika Cozad, ABOC

Sam Sarson, ABOC

Committee Members

Jackie Garrow, ABOC

Desiree Haman, ABOC

Denise Brady

Alicia Fradsham

Why see my optician for glasses?

Patients often wonder what the difference between online eyewear vs eyewear purchased through an optician.  An educated skilled optician is going to be able to choose the right lens and frame options to provide your best vision.  They also have the tools and knowledge to ensure that your prescription is created to the doctors specifications, using the proper measurements.  A good analogy is the difference in buying a dress or suit off the rack vs having one tailored to you.  The tailored one is always going to look and feel better.  We may not all be able to have an entire wardrobe tailor made for us, but tailored eyewear is affordable for most of us.

Here are the different qualifications our state opticians may hold:

State Certification: This means the optician has registered with the state and has to keep up with education to maintain certification, but only requires a $110 registration fee to the state.

ABOC : An optician with this certification has passed a national competency test in opticianry and can be expected to have a good knowledge of optics. It is also required to maintain continuing education to keep your certification.

ABOC-AC : An optician with this certification has passed an advanced competency test in opticianry and has shown a strong aptitude in optics.  This certification also requires continuing education.

ABOM : This designation is for an optician whom has passed their ABO-AC and has written or taught several advanced opticianry courses.  The Master optician would have a high level of knowledge of optics and lens designs.

NCLE : This is a certification for an optician who has passed a national competency test for the fitting and dispensing of contact lenses.

NCLE-AC : This is a certification for an optician who has passed a advanced competency test in contact lens fitting and dispensing.

LDO : An optician with this designation is a licensed optician with one of the states that requires opticians be licensed.  The requirements vary from state to state, but you can be assured they have at least passed a minimum competency test and are required to have done an apprenticeship or have an associates degree in opticianry.

Our state does not require opticians to be licensed, but we as a state society encourage all opticians to become ABO certified.

If you would like to see the opticians in our state licensed or at least pass a minimum standards test, please let your state representatives know by signing our petition.  

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