Welcome To New Hampshire Opticians Society

Arlington Pond Salem NH Courtesy of Julie Parsons

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the growth of New Hampshire opticians through leadership, legislation and education and to also ensure the safety of the patients that we serve.

Quarterly Meeting September 18th

Speaker Dr Kristen Bryant presenting “Why did my prescription change this time? Possible Reasons for Refractive Shift”


We will be voting on a necessary change to our by-laws at the meeting on Wednesday, September 18th. This is the proposal spoken about at our last meeting. Please review and e-mail us any questions or concerns. 

Article X: In the event The New Hampshire Opticians Society disbands the remainder of the funds will be distributed evenly to the Opticians Association of America, 3740 Canada Rd, Lakeland, TN 38002 and The Ben Franklin Institute of Technology Opticianry Program, 41 Berkeley Street Boston, MA 02116.